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On a rolling basis, LEAP also offers the possibility of curricular internships for Bocconi students or research assitant positions with a possibility to have field experience.
We always encourage students to take part to LEAP Development Coffee meetings in order to stay in touch with all the activities.

For more information on how to participate, please contact: leap@unibocconi.it 


Are you interested in writing a thesis in Development Economics?

Find out the research projects and activities for which LEAP is currently recruiting students here.




LEAP offers the possibility of a visiting period for students. You can find out more on our former Visiting Students at this page.

For more information, please contact:  leap@unibocconi.it 



Internship opportunity "Meet Your Future" (Uganda)  attachment

·  Location: remote

·  Requirements: Master in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics or related quantitative discipline; good knowledge of STATA; excellent knowledge of Development Economics and Econometrics; very good command of English

·  Start Date: late November  late February (one opening). The dates are flexible, but a minimum availability of 10 weeks is required.


Positions for the fall are remote. The intern will primarily work on the “Meet Your Future” project. This is a Randomized Control Trial that seeks to investigate how career-coaching and job search assistance for young jobseekers entering job market can (i) increase the effectiveness of the job search process and entrepreneurial efforts, (ii) influence their aspirations and self-confidence while at school, (iii) reduce information gaps, (iv) align expectations with labor market conditions and (v) improve labor market performance. The experimental setting is that of Vocational Training Institutes (VTI) in Uganda. Vocational training is a common route through which young Ugandans acquire skills, and a common tool used by NGOs and governments to support disadvantaged youth by providing them skills demanded on the labor market. The coaching is operated by the “the future you”, an alumnus of the VTI, who successfully entered the labor market after receiving the training.

Main duties and responsibilities of the intern will include:

1. Participate to the data collection activities, such as:
Contribute to the design and lead the piloting of quantitative survey instruments
Lead the programming of the survey instruments on tablets
Organize and lead the training of enumerators for data collection
Manage the field implementation of the surveys – this will involve monitoring the central server as well as the activities of enumerators in the field to ensure maximum data quality
Manage and organize the data coming in from the field to the central server

2. Support data cleaning and data management activities and assist the research team in data analysis as

3. Support the implementation of the intervention (treatment).

4. Contribute to report writing on the progress of fieldwork and data analysis activities.




To apply, please send a CV, a short cover letter (one-page max) and a recently written sample STATA .do
file to: livia.alfonsi@berkeley.edu and put in cc sara_spaziani@brown.edu.
Please write “MYF-internship application” followed by your last name in the subject of your application email.

The World Bank - Africa Gender Innovation Lab
Impact Evaluation Field Coordinator Short-Term Consultant (Burkina Faso)  attachment

·  Location: Ouagadougou

·  Requirements: Master's degree in economics or related field, strong oral and written communications skilss in English and French, advanced user of Office, previous work experience in Africa or other developing countries (see more details in the attachment)

·  Start Date: 1st September 2020


As Field Coordinator for this position, the Consultant's work will include helping to provide day-to-day supervission and management of the impact evaluation's fieldwork, with responsibility for ensuring that every part of the impact evaluations is carried our according to the study design and protocols. This work will also involve serving as a communication channel between the project and the research teams and helping to keep both pieces fitting together well. The Consultant will perform the following tasks:

 impact evaluation design

 baseline survey design and data collection managenebt

 resource management

 capacity building

effective cooperation






1 Full time Research Assistant + 1 Part time Research Assistant  attachment


Prof. Lucia Corno is looking for two research assistants (1 part-time and 1 full-time) to work on a set of projects aim at understanding the persistence of harmful traditions in Africa (i.e. child marriage, female genital cutting, breast ironing) and on the design of interventions to change them. The positions will be funded by her ERC grant “HarmfulTraditions”, GA n° 852172. The job involves microdata analysis and might require some field works in Africa between 2020 and 2021. 


Excellent analytical and social skills

Excellent knowledge of STATA, LaTex and Microsoft Office. Knowledge of ArcGis is a plus

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and French

Experience managing Randomized Control Trials and field experience in developing


For any additional questions, please contact prof. Lucia Corno at lucia.corno@unicatt.it

If interested, send you CV, a motivation letter and a reference letter to lucia.corno@unicatt.it with the object “Full Time RA application” or “Part Time RA application”.

Salary will be defined based on CV and experience

Starting date: 1 September 2020
Duration: 12 months, renewable
Deadline for application: July 31, 2020



Description and objectives:

Women's Economic Empowerment and Digital Finance or WEE-DiFine is a new research initiative that will fund rigorous research studies, across South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, to generate evidence on the pathways through which digital financial services can impact women's economic empowerment. Like many other digital technologies, digital finance will become inevitable and ubiquitous, sooner or later. Access to finance is a critical aspect of women's economic empowerment, so digital finance can profoundly impact gender equality. WEE-DiFine will offer an opportunity to understand how digital finance can be designed to enhance gender equality, how factors such as sociocultural and power structure can enable or inhibit women empowerment through digital finance, and how to address these barriers. So, I am very excited.

WEE-DiFine is a five-year initiative (2020-2024) funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In WEE-DiFine initiative, BIGD will manage the selection and funding of compelling research projects, which may be implemented through any qualified field partner, including but not limited to BIGD’s own internal research project teams. An independent Academic Steering Committee (ASC), composed of academics with a strong interest on the issue, will select the proposals for funding. Please find below the three open positions:




— Initiative Director for WEE-DiFine (Bangladesh)

The Initiative Director will build and manage a world-class research initiative and work with the BIGD Executive Director (ED)to further expand BIGD’s global partnerships with researchers, policymakers, and funders. Please find the job description here.


— Research Fellow for WEE-DiFine (Bangladesh)

The Research Fellow will develop research projects with BIGD around DFS and WEE and function as an Investigator in the funded projects. S/he will also facilitate the selection of high-quality research projects and monitor the quality of the projects funded through the initiative. Please find the Research Fellow job description here.


— Program Manager for WEE-DiFine (USA)

The Program Manager based in USA will support external communications efforts, promote Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and manage fund-transfer-related activities for the initiaitive. Sh/he will also reach out to to new donors and develop new sources of funding both for the Initiative with BIGD at BracU specifically and to support BRAC’s research and learning agenda more broadly. Please find the Program Manager job description here.


— Field Coordinator (Burkina Faso)


PROJECT: Early marriage and female genital cutting: evidence from an experiment in Burkina Faso

We are looking for a field coordinator to supervise a baseline data collection and an intervention on Female Genital cutting and Child marriage in Burkina Faso in collaboration with UNICEF, Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) and 3 local NGOs.

The work will be full time from beginning of November to March 2020 (but the PIs have some flexibility on the beginning and the end of the contract). The potential candidate will be based at the IPA (Innovation for Poverty Action) office in Burkina Faso and travel to rural villages when needed.


  • Excellent analytical and social abilities
  • Excellent command of STATA, LaTex and Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and French.
  • Experience managing Randomized Control Trials and field experience in developing countries



For any additional questions, please contact lucia.corno@unicatt.it and/or selim.gulesci@unibocconi.it

If interested, send you CV, a motivation letter and a reference letter to lucia.corno@unicatt.it


— Research Manager (Mozambique)


·  Location: Mozambique, Maputo

·  Education: Master

·  Language requirement: Portuguese (essential) and English (essential)

·  Start Date: January 2020

·  Duration: One year


Adolescence is a critical period of life. During this period, girls and boys take important decisions regarding education, risky sexual behaviors, fertility, labor, and the marriage market. These decisions are important on their own and also have intergenerational implications in promoting empowerment and achieving sustainable economic development. An important threat to educational enrollment and achievement—a major vehicle to achieving such goals—is the well-being and safety in schools and how violent spaces interact with decisions regarding education. To investigate this, this project will implement a novel intervention aimed at addressing safety in schools in Mozambique. The project is looking for a proactive and quick-learner individual, who can work under pressure, can multi-task, thrives in the field and has good data skills.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Travelling to project sites to monitor and coordinate field activities for primary data collection during intervention monitoring and end-line survey.
  • Assisting PIs with designing survey questionnaires and refining survey instruments.
  • Planning and managing data collection, ensuring productivity and data quality.
  • Engaging in all implementation and monitoring activities.
  • Coordinating with different teams on a variety of tasks related to field staff contracting and payments.
  • Assisting with data cleaning, preliminary data analysis, and preparation of documents and presentations for dissemination.
  • Engaging with and managing relationships with stakeholders, especially government staff.
  • Reporting to PIs and Research Manager on all of the above-mentioned activities.

Principal Investigators: Sofia Amaral (ifo Institute), Aixa Garcia-Ramos (University of Passau), Selim Gulesci (Bocconi University), Alejandra Ramos (Trinity College Dublin) and Maria Micaela Sviatschi (Princeton University)



  • Education: Master’s degree in economics, public policy/administration, engineering, or related fields. Advanced coursework in economics is highly preferable.
  • Relevant Work Experience: This position requires demonstrated management experience in a multi-faceted role, working with multiple stakeholders. Experience working with Governments is strongly preferred. Experience in managing teams and interacting with institutional partners is strongly desired.
  • Knowledge of Stata is required.
  • Knowledge of GIS/SurveyCTO/ODK/digital data collection is preferred.
  • Management skills: Proven ability to handle several different projects/tasks at one time, successfully complete tasks assigned, and meet deadlines. A willingness to work hard, to learn and be self-motivated will be essential for doing well in this position. Ability to work independently in the field.
  • Technical skills and understanding of Randomized Evaluations: Demonstrating a good basic understanding of the value of randomized evaluations and their usefulness for policy decisions is highly valuable.
  • Experience living in a developing country is preferred.
  • Communication: Attention to detail and advanced writing and presentation skills for communicating with multiple partners. This requires the ability to produce clear, precise, non-technical writing as well as str
    ong social skills.
  • Ability to give and receive completely frank feedback.
  • Strong ability to manage high-level partnerships.
  • Interest in development and policy-research.
  • Travel: Willingness to travel for extended periods of time to different parts of the state (of Maputo) and to meet with relevant stakeholders, government officials and manage projects.
  • Full-time availability.


Please submit your CV by the 31st of October to Sarita Oré Quispe via email: sarita.oreq@gmail.com. We will review the applications and contact selected applicants for an interview.