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Which is the most efficient type of tenancy contract on productivity? What is the effect of Land Tenure Reform programs on perceived tenure security and female land rights?
What are the effects of inter-ethnic group contact on academic outcomes? Do individuals learn more when they are paired with someone of another race who is not prejudiced against their group? What are the effects of education on religiosity and women’s empowerment? Can a program that provided tutoring and career counselling to immigrant children affect their secondary school choices?
Can the shows we see on TV change how we think and act in term family planning and related issues?
What are the direct effects of introducing greater repayment flexibility in business loans on borrowers’ repayment behavior and business outcomes? Are there selection effects of introducing a loan contract with greater repayment flexibility on an MFI’s pool of borrowers? If offered to clients with a good credit history, can a flexible‐repayment loan contract be used as a tool to reduce moral hazard problems within the MFI’s current and future client base?
What is the role of financial incentives, distributed through lotteries, on HIV prevention and sexual behavioral change? Could including messages related to health in popular entertainment be an avenue for promoting positive behavior change?
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Labor Markets
How can we create incentives for more efficient women’s choices in the labor market? Does new information about immigrants affect people’s attitude towards them? How can a program on entrepreneurship training influence business outcomes?

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by Pamela Giustinelli, Mariapia Mendola and Luigi Minale