Thomas Le Barbanchon (LEAP Affiliate) receives an ERC Grant to Understand Job Searches
Literature on search strategies of job seekers and recruiters in the labor market is rich in theoretical contributions but short in empirical evidence. That’s the gap Thomas is going to fill in the next 60 months with "ESEARCH, Direct Empirical Evidence on Labor Market Search Theories", the research project that has earned him an ERC Starting Grant. read
Research proposal “BAD NORMS – Changing Harmful Social Norms in Developing Countries” by La Ferrara E. receives funding by MIUR
The project focuses on the extremely harmful norm of female genital cutting (FGC) and aims at answering at the following questions: Why does FGC persist? Can we design effective policy interventions to reduce its incidence? In particular, the project will design and evaluate interventions aimed at (i) changing perceptions beliefs and attitudes towards FGC; and (ii) reducing the incidence of this practice. read
Workshop LEAP/AICS in “La Cooperazione Informa”
Nel numero di Luglio un articolo sul workshop LEAP/AICS sulla valutazione di impatto, tenutosi il 5-6 Giugno 2017 presso l'Università Bocconi. read
Research proposal "The Historical Roots of Female Genital Cutting" by La Ferrara E. and Corno L. receives funding by EDI
The research proposal "The Historical Roots of Female Genital Cutting" by Eliana la Ferrara (LEAP Scientific Director) and Lucia Corno (LEAP Executive Director) has been selected for funding by the Economic Development and Institutions (EDI). read
Research proposal "Working While Studying" by Le Barbanchon T. and Ubfal D. receives funding by JPAL
The research proposal "Working While Studying" in response to JPAL SYP call, presented by Thomas Le Barbanchon and Diego Ubfal (LEAP affiliates) in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Uruguay, has been selected for funding. read
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