Leap Laboratory for Effective Anti-poverty Policies
Our Mission
We aim at reducing poverty around the world through the design, the analysis and the dissemination of effective anti-poverty programs. We do this by combining original data collection and rigorous scientific research in order to offer reliable solutions to policy-makers seeking to improve the lives of the poor.

News & Events

LEAP Student Grants 2021
LEAP invites affiliated students to submit proposals for research projects on poverty and development issues through the "LEAP Student Grant" project. NEW deadline: January 30, 2021.
LEAP Student Naila Shofia wins Econ Job Market Best Paper Award by Unicredit Foundation
Congratulations to our LEAP student Naila Maya Shofia who just won the seventh edition of the Econ Job Market Best Paper Award by Unicredit Foundation with her project: "Portable Seclusion: Religious Head Scarf and Labor Force Participation" funded through the LEAP Student Grant Program.
LEAP's Project Against Infibulation by USAID
The American development agency granted funding to a simple, low cost idea to reduce the rates of female genital mutilation in Africa
Summer School in International Development co-sponsored by LEAP
"Investment Choices in Development Economics". Friday 4 September 2020 Zoom virtual session organised by Lucia Corno (LEAP and Cattolica University) and Mariapia Mendola (University of Milan Bicocca and Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano)


Where we Work

Where we work
We work with stakeholders all over the world, with a focus on developing countries and Italy.


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Work with us

We are always looking for partners and researchers who share our goals and values.