Leap Laboratory for Effective Anti-poverty Policies
Our Mission
We aim at reducing poverty around the world through the design, the analysis and the dissemination of effective anti-poverty programs. We do this by combining original data collection and rigorous scientific research in order to offer reliable solutions to policy-makers seeking to improve the lives of the poor.

News & Events

Bocconi University, via Roentgen room 5-E4-SR04
16/10/2018 h.12.30
LEAP Seminar: Christopher Udry, Northwestern University
"Information, Market Access and Risk: Addressing Constraints to Agricultural Transformation in Northern Ghana" - paper presented by Christopher Udry, Northwestern University
Study conducted in a Refugee Camp by three LEAP affiliated students
Bocconi students Giulia Buccione, Viola Corradini and Beatrice Montano have conducted a LEAP Research project in the Greek refugee camp of Ritsona, hosting Syrian refugees.
Bocconi University, Roentgen Building Room AS01
15/10/2018 h.08.30
J-PAL Traning: Evaluating Social Programs
Five-day in-person training hosted by J-PAL Europe at Bocconi University with the support of LEAP for directors, managers, officers, and researchers from governments, NGOs/nonprofits, international development organizations, and foundations.
Bocconi University
22/06/2018 h.09.00
2018 ThReD Conference
Organized by IGIER, with the support of LEAP, the Department of Economics and the Department of Social and Political Sciences of Bocconi University.


Where we Work

Where we work
We work with stakeholders all over the world, with a focus on developing countries and Italy.


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Work with us

We are always looking for partners and researchers who share our goals and values.