Leap Laboratory for Effective Anti-poverty Policies
Our Mission
We aim at reducing poverty around the world through the design, the analysis and the dissemination of effective anti-poverty programs. We do this by combining original data collection and rigorous scientific research in order to offer reliable solutions to policy-makers seeking to improve the lives of the poor.

News & Events

Bocconi University, via Roentgen room 5.E4.SR04
30/11/2018 h.13.45
LEAP Workshop: Emanuela Galasso, World Bank
Workshop on Early Childhood Development
Bocconi University, via Roentgen room 5-E4-SR04
16/10/2018 h.12.30
LEAP Seminar: Christopher Udry, Northwestern University
"Information, Market Access and Risk: Addressing Constraints to Agricultural Transformation in Northern Ghana" - paper presented by Christopher Udry, Northwestern University
Study conducted in a Refugee Camp by three LEAP affiliated students
Bocconi students Giulia Buccione, Viola Corradini and Beatrice Montano have conducted a LEAP Research project in the Greek refugee camp of Ritsona, hosting Syrian refugees.
Bocconi University, Roentgen Building Room AS01
15/10/2018 h.08.30
J-PAL Traning: Evaluating Social Programs
Five-day in-person training hosted by J-PAL Europe at Bocconi University with the support of LEAP for directors, managers, officers, and researchers from governments, NGOs/nonprofits, international development organizations, and foundations.


Where we Work

Where we work
We work with stakeholders all over the world, with a focus on developing countries and Italy.


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Work with us

We are always looking for partners and researchers who share our goals and values.